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Warranty: One year from manufacturer
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More possibilities

Smart Scale provides a highly accurate way to monitor your weight, fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, and body mass index (BMI).

Useful graphs

The scale displays weight and progress trends in easy-to-read charts and graphs in the app. We want you to have a great experience with our product.

See the progress

It is easy to set goals and use Smart Scale to achieve them. Track your progress and compare the results. It helps you to analyze the data and choose the most appropriate way to lose weight.

Scale for multiple users

Smart Scale supports an unlimited number of users. Each adult of your family can create his or her own goals and manage them using the body composition data on their own personal phone.

Data wirelessly

Smart Scale automatically and wirelessly synchronizes with the running app installed on your phone using Bluetooth, so you can access your progress 24/7 without having to remember or record the data.

Compatible devices

Long battery life

Set of batteries runs for almost 2 years if you use the device regularly.