Key Finder Smart Scale Heart Rate Monitor Support Support

Q: Is my X Android smartphone supported?

A: The current complete list of devices is published here. If your device is not listed there then, unfortunately, it's not supported.

Android has support for Bluetooth Smart beginning with version 4.3 and on. Please make sure your device has Bluetooth version 4.0 and Android 4.3 or later.

Android users, please also make sure that your device has compatible applications.

Q: Can it be used simultaneously with other Bluetooth devices (headset, headphones)?

A: Yes, Bluetooth Smart supports simultaneous operation of multiple devices.

Q: What is the range for Bluetooth Smart?

A: Bluetooth Smart provides a stable connection up to a distance of 33 feet (10 meters).

Q: Does this device offer RR interval (beat-to-beat) recording?

A: This sensor does not provide RR interval.

Q: May I swim with it?

A: No, you may not.

Q: Does it work on your wrist, does it have a band to do this?

A: No, it doesn't work on your wrist. It is designed for the chest.

Q: How long is the strap?

A: The strap is adjustable. At its longest adjusted length it measures 32 inches. It can be adjusted to be smaller, into the low 20's. It is stretchy material; the max stretch is about 60 inches.

Q: Is this Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor compatible with fitness center equipment (treadmills, elliptical, steppers)? 

A: In general, gym equipment is only compatible with 5kHz uncoded and 5kHz coded heart rate transmitters. This is an old generation of heart rate sensors, which our device is not compatible with. Look for a Bluetooth Smart logo displayed on supported fitness equipment.

Q: Why isn't the sensor visible under Bluetooth Settings on my smartphone?

A: The sensor uses Bluetooth Smart and cannot be discovered in Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone. Instead, you need to correctly connect it in any supported app.

Q: Why can't I see the sensor pairing with my smartphone in Bluetooth Settings?

A: The sensor does not pair with your smartphone - this is totally normal.

Q: Why doesn't the sensor connect to my favorite app, but works with the test utility?

A: Many apps use internal pairing and store the device ID inside the app. If you've used this app with another sensor, you need to remove that pairing first.

Q: The app cannot connect to the sensor.  What can I do?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in Bluetooth Settings on the smartphone.
  2. Make sure you're wearing the sensor and that the electrodes are wet (please refer to the user's manual for details).
  3. Reboot your smartphone (turn off, then turn on).
  4. Make sure that the app does not try to connect with an old sensor ID. If you previously used the same app with another sensor, you may need to remove the pairing.

Q: I followed the above steps, but the sensor is still not connecting.

A: Please perform the steps described in the troubleshooting video. If this does not help, please replace the battery. Unfortunately, sometimes sensors are shipped with a defective battery.

Q: Nothing helps!

A: Please contact us using this support form, and we will respond quickly.

Q: What applications are supported?

A: Generally, any application that states that it supports Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors will support the sensor. Bluetooth Smart is also known as BLE. The most popular applications that support Bluetooth Smart can be found on our site. Android users, please also make sure that your device is supported.

Q: Why aren’t iPhone 4 and old Android devices supported?

A: iPhone 4, old Android devices and previous iPhones are not supported because they do not have the required hardware to support Bluetooth Smart.